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ASUS Tablet Rental Brands

RentOurTablets.com offers all of the top tablet brands for rent. Which brand you should rent depends on your need, since they vary slightly in physical dimension and capacity as well as operating software.

ASUS Slate Tablet Rentals

The ASUS Eee Slate Tablet is becoming a very popular tablet. This tablet runs an Intel Core i5 processor, has multiple data input options, a 12.1" screen and multiple I/O ports for expansion. This would be an ideal rental for being on the go, offering quick input and navigation, and access to data.

ASUS Convertible Tablet Rentals

ASUS has developed two different approaches to convertible tablets, the transformer approach and the slider approach. With the transformer approach, convertibility is achieved by making the tablet detachable from the keyboard that is paired to the slate. The slider approaches gives the user convertibility by keeping the slate attached to a keyboard, but designing the unit so that the keyboard can slide from underneath the slate.

Top Tablets:

ASUS Slate Tablet Rental
ASUS Slate tablets are a viable alternative to the popular iPad, just as powerful and just a sleek.
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ASUS Transformer Pad Rentals
The transformer pad is a very flexible solution.
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ASUS Slider Rentals
The slider format is an excellent on-the-go solution.
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