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Tablet Rentals For Business Solutions

The agents at RentOurTablets.com specialize in business-to-business rental solutions. Tablet rentals are a great tool to use for various temporary business projects, or for business travel to conventions or trade shows. These are just a few ways to make excellent use of your tablet rental:

Business Travel

While traveling for business, it is important to stay connected to your employees and data. With tablet computers you can easily stay connected while on the go.

Business Events

Many industries have conventions and trade shows where an individual business can attend or display products and services. Having a tablet computer to travel with makes it very easy to keep track of information while on the go, and with a rental you can simply return the tablet after your event is over.

Inventory Projects

Tablets are also great for large inventory projects. Often during inventory projects you have to keep track of a lot of information, while on your feet and moving around your store or wherehouse. Tablet computers are excellent for this need, since you can use it like you would a traditional clipboard. Convertible tablets are especially useful, since you can use them as a traditional laptop or a slate tablet.

Seasonal Hiring

Some businesses need to hire employees on a temporary basis, and using temporary technology for these employees is the most ideal solution. Our agents can supply your temporary employees with temporary technology during every hiring season!

Survey Administration

If your company is planning on conducting a large data pooling project, then tablet rentals are a great solution for such a temporary need. If your survey administrators will be out in the field surveying customers or passersby, tablet computers allow them to easily approach them and enter data.

Top Tablets:

iPad Rentals
The iPad is the trend-setter for tablet computers, known for sleek design and functionality.
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Motorola Xoom Rentals
The Motorola Xoom Tablet runs a dual-core processor with Android 3.1.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab Rentals
Samsung's Galaxy Tablet offers a viable alternative to Apple iPad rentals, being just as compact and lightweight.
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ASUS Eee Tablet Rentals
The ASUS Eee tablet is a powerful tablet computer.
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Dell Latitude Rentals
The Dell Latitude tablet rental runs the latest Microsoft OS, Windows 7.
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Panasonic Toughbook
This tough rugged tablet is great for demanding environments.
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Fujitsu Lifebook Tablet
This tablet is sleek as well as tough, having water-resistant features.
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Lenovo ThinkPad
This all-business tablet has all the security, access and power you demand.
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HTC Tablets
HTC has very mobile tablets that run on Android, and are bluetooth compatible.
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Acer Tablets
The Acer Tab combines the portability of a tablet and the full productivity of a notebook.
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Toshiba Tablets
With a Toshiba tablet you get multiple modes of connectivity.
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