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Convertible Tablet Computer Rentals

Why Get A Convertible Tablet Rental?

Convertible tablet computer rentals are essentially laptops that are capable of being converted into a tablet computer. With a touch screen that is capable of being turned and folded down over the keyboard, what was operating as a laptop is now a functional tablet computer. These kinds of tablet rentals are excellent if you need a computer that is both highly mobile, and packs more computing power than traditional Slate Tablet Rentals.

Convertible Tablet Rentals For Large Inventory Projects

If your company is getting ready to undergo a massive inventory project, then getting a computer rental for this seasonal need is an ideal solution. Convertible tablets are the most ideal rental choice! When you place a powerful convertible tablet in the hands of your employees to get the project done, they will have a computer that doubles as a traditional laptop and as a slate tablet, depending on what they need at the time.

Modes of Conversion

So far there have been a few different modes of covnersion achieved in the tablet industry, each offering a unique way of functioning for various environments.

The Swivel
The most common mode of converting from laptop to tablet and vice versa, is the swivel. A convertible tablet that uses the swivel method has the touch screen attached to the keyboard, such that the screen pivots and can be turned and then folded down over the keyboard to become a slate tablet. The swivel method allows the user to have the best of a laptop and a tablet, giving you more freedom.

The Slider
ASUS has developed a clever way of achieving convertibility by having the keyboard slide out from under the touch screen. If you ever need a keyboard for easier data entry, it's as easy as sliding it out. The screen even stands at an angle so that it can be easily viewed.

The Transformer
This method achieves convertibility by allowing for complete detachment of the keyboard from touch screen. What makes this method different from merely connecting a keyboard to a slate tablet is the fact that the keyboard is specifically designed for use with the touch screen, and the mode of connection is also specifically designed.

Top Convertible Tablets:

HP EliteBook Rentals
HP's convertible tablet, allowing both laptop and tablet modes.
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Panasonic Toughbook Rentals
Get a tough and functional convertible tablet rental from Panasonic.
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Fujitsu Lifebook Rentals
Fujitsu's convertible tablet is a sleek, functional and durable tablet.
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Lenovo ThinkPad Rentals
Lenovo's business class convertible tablet.
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ASUS Transformer Pad Rentals
The transformer pad is a very flexible solution.
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ASUS Slider Rentals
The slider format is an excellent on-the-go solution.
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