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Slate Tablet Computer Rentals

Why Get A Slate Tablet Rental?

Slate Tablets are optimized for mobility, having no attached or detachable keyboard, and typically being ultra thin and light weight. So slate tablets are ideal rentals if you need a computing device while on the go, either traveling or doing a lot of moving around your business during busy seasons.

Android Tablet Rentals

If you have an aversion to Apple products for whatever reason, then excellent alternatives can be found in the Android arena. The most notable of which are the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tablets, which run the latest in Android operating systems specifically designed for tablets. HPs TouchPad is also a great substitute.

Slate Tablet Rentals For Kiosks

One of the trending uses for slate tablet computers is in setting up kiosks. If you are planning an event you can set up information kiosks with your iPad or slate tablet PC rental, so your guests can access way-finding information or check in as an attendee of the event. Another great use for tablet computer kiosks is for product demos. You can set up an easy to use kiosk that your potential customers can intuitively interact with and get familiar with your product.

Top Slate Tablets:

iPad Rentals
The iPad is the trend-setter for tablet computers, known for sleek design and functionality.
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Motorola Xoom Rentals
The Motorola Xoom Tablet runs a dual-core processor with Android 3.1.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab Rentals
Samsung's Galaxy Tablet offers a viable alternative to Apple iPad rentals, being just as compact and lightweight.
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