Android Tablet Rentals

Affordable Android Tablets from brands such as Lenovo, Asus, and More.




Qualcomm/Intel Atom



Here at, we have the newest and most innovative Android Tablets on the market. Outstanding battery life, HD resolution, and strong Intel processors are just a few of the several options we have to offer.

Our Android Tablet rentals are available to rent daily, weekly, or monthly, can be rented at any quantity, and have the ability to all be matching units.

We Offer Solutions

With over 30 years of experience, We understand our customers' Android Tablet rental needs.

Application Testing

Android Tablet rentals are great for mobile software application testing, benchmarking and development projects on the go.

Office Projects

Android Tablets are a great choice for office record organization, short-term marketing projects, training, and more.


An Android Tablet provides the portability needed for performing political, educational, and demographic surveys.