Tablet Kiosk Rentals

Keep your event alive by streamlining service


Lockable Body


Durable Enclosures



While not nearly as mobile as a standalone tablet, tablet kiosks are versatile tablet rental accessories that are used for a wide variety of purposes. With most tablet kiosks having full-enclosures, or at the very least lock-in points to connect tablets to, and mounting points to bolt kiosks down to the floor, making them the best accessory to rent from a security standpoint.

Kiosks offer event planners, businesses, and other organizations opportunities which simply do not exist when only getting a tablet rental. If you need a stationary, protected, and sleek looking self-service device that can handle credit card transactions, doesn't run out of battery and doesn't need a human operator at every moment, a tablet kiosk rental is exactly what you need.

We Offer Solutions

With over 30 years of experience, We understand our customers charging station rental needs.


Promote your company's brand with a combination of a stylish tablet kiosk and your company's own custom software at your next event.


Tablet kiosks can reduce your cost of labor by providing your event attendees and customers with an easy-to-use self service station.


While not yet capable of handling cash transactions, tablet kiosks can process credit card magstripes, EMV Chips, and contactless/NFC payments.