Verizon MiFi Hotspot Rentals

WiFi for your next small conference.


Up to 8


Up to 12 MBps


Unlimited or Data Plans

If you're looking for a hotspot to cover up to just 8 users then the Verizon Mifi Hotspot is perfect for you! With unlimited data plans available and affordable rental rates, the Verizon Mifi Hotspot is perfect for you and your small group of users.

  • For events larger than 8 users, we recommend a Cradlepoint hotspot rental.
  • AT&T service is available by request.
  • Multiple MiFi hotspot rentals are available.
  • No long term contracts!
  • We Offer Solutions

    With over 30 years of experience, We understand our customers Internet & Hotspot rental needs.

    Event Internet Access

    Freedom WiFi Hotspot rentals are perfect for events with any number of attendees.

    Conference Internet Access

    Internet & Hotspot rentals are ideal for business conferences, training meetings, and short term internet backup.

    Expensive Venue WiFi

    With a hotspot rental, you avoid using your venue's outrageously priced wifi.